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Toolkit 'Planning to identify, prevent and challenge gendered violence in activism'

Why a toolkit?

We wanted our research to practically address what we have learned about gendered violence in radical communities, whilst knowing this project was the tip of a complex iceberg.

Toolkits: 1. Are broad enough to provoke conversations and 2. Can be worked through together. Our research showed that identifying, preventing and challenging violence, as well as supporting survivors, is difficult and collective work – and so a toolkit felt just right.

What is this toolkit supposed to do?

There are no ‘one size fits all’ answers to gendered violence. This is designed to support the difficult and messy task of working through how such harm can be identified, prevented and challenged, and how survivors can be supported, in your activist context. The toolkit cannot answer ‘what should we do’, but rather ‘what questions should we be asking ourselves?’

How and when do we use this toolkit?

You will work through some general exercises designed to provoke useful thought, conversation and action about how to respond to gendered violence within your community. You might use it proactively: when thinking about how your group can respond to harm, how you might prevent harm from happening or how to make your group accessible to survivors. You can also use it reactively: to think through how to tackle a particular situation, how you can support a survivor, or how you could challenge a person, group, or culture that is harming people in your community.

Available for free online:


Hard copies available if required - A4 14 page colour separate one-sided sheets in file binder.